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This is my personal site, at the moment regrettably somewhat low on content. It was written entirely in org mode for Doom Emacs. The theme is readtheorg from org-html-themes.
I’ve always felt that a home on the web was a desirable thing to have, but what to put on it without seeming overly narcissistic?
Bearing that in mind, a few of my current interests are listed below, in no particular order of importance. They may hopefully be of some interest to others too.

Band Maid

Without question the best band in the world. I know what you’re thinking; Japanese girls in maid outfits…, but give them a chance. Nobody can match them right now for technical skill, songwriting ability or just good old catchiness. Po!
Just pick any song at random from their YouTube page, much as I hate giving YT any support.


I read and write in Kurrentschrift, one of the old German handwriting styles, for fun, no really…
On occasion I’ve been asked to undertake transcription/translation projects (more are always welcome), recent ones include:

  • A diary from 1864, belonging to a Polish/Prussian princess (Berlin/Schlesien).
  • A soldier’s letter from 1941 (BaWü).
  • Church records from the 1890’s (Sachsen).

There’s an active club for exchanging letters with other like-minded people: Freunde der deutschen Kurrentschrift.

Old Books

Collecting antique books is a wonderful, if expensive passion of mine, the majority of them German (Prussian in particular) but also a good many English examples. Preferably pre 20th Century. Newer books, and especially ebooks (how do you write that correctly?), just don’t have the same attraction.


I have a fascination with Prussia; the language, culture, Monarchs and Nobles, cities, towns, and villages, everything about it really. Some of the fascination is undoubtedly because it’s almost a sealed time capsule, with certainly the Kindom of Prussia having definite start and end dates. I feel particularly drawn to Königsberg for some reason, unfortunately my Russian is considerably worse than my German.
I also have a Wordpress site for all things Prussian: Preußische Kuriositäten.


“A clean-slate OS and network for the 21st century.” Don’t ask me to explain it (because I don’t really understand it myself), but there’s a lot happening in urbitspace at the moment, definitely worth a try.

Author: Paul Walton